Monday, November 3, 2014


Anyone else excited for NaNoWriMo? I am! My story is a fairy tail is story. I won't give any details yet but the main character is named Ella and she is sixteen years old :3

Here is a little something my friend had me do :D

What is the best way to eat steak? 
I don't, that is a food for the upper class. But when I did eat it, it was medium rare I guess.

When was the last time you cried for someone? 
When I was nine, when my parents took me away I cried, but I haven't cried since then. If I cry I will display weekness and the gang will never see me the same

Do you like your mom or dad better? Or do you not know them well?
I don't like eather of them. They only look for perfection in everything and I know they tried really hard to accept me, but I think they did exactly what they did to my brother. Anyways, I haven't seen them for about a month or two, it's not like They care. I can't live with them, I'm a zero and they are eights. I haven't lived with them since I was fourteen, there were some... Problems that occurred.

What do you treasure? 
I don't treasure anything, I have nothing. But I guess I treasure the fact that I haven't been drafted and the fact that I have friends to hang out with. Also I guess I treasure the art I do, we are making the world better :)

What do you want to accomplish this year?
I want to bring freedom, but since that isn't possible I wanna live. I don't wanna be drafted so I want to accomplish staying hidden from the government.

Would you consider yourself narcissistic?
No, I care deeply for people. I try my best to help people around me I guess, there isn't a lot to be done though

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The world would be a better place if...

Note: this post can be found on my other blog for photoshop:

In photoshop we were given the prompt: The World Would be a Better Place If...

I believe that the world would be a better place if we break out of the glass bubble society has trapped us in. The stereotypes of our world influence how we dress, act, think; they define our very selves. We believe that we are so perfect; that we can do nothing wrong. We act like the world revolves around ourselves and take little notice to what is around us. We see stories in the news of terrorist attacking our capitols and of children committing suicide. I see the suffering in schools and at home; I see the pain in the eyes of people around me. The new normal is this darkness, this dark abyss of suffering. I believe that we can break free from that though. I believe that the human race can show each other some kindness. I believe that the small act of kindness will help chip away the glass and that someday we will all be free of the pain. If we break free of the stereotypes, maybe we can make the world a better place. I believe that if we have the courage to free ourselves from the bubble of darkness we will see a beautiful world of kindness and joy.
The world will be a better place if we break from this glass bubble society had trapped us in.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Happy Fall

Happy fall!! In honor of my favorite season I created this comic ;)
Enjoy and eat pumpkins!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Poems are sweet
Poems are Cool
I win this battle
Now time for school

sorry for the random poem, just decided to write this XD

5 things that bug me & 5 things that are good :D

ok, here is a list of 5 things that bug me

  1. People turning off my stuff. This was so weird, I had my IPad on and someone beside me reached over and turned it off, WHILE I WAS RECORDING! So note to everyone, don't do that or else! Its rude and just weird. O.o
  2. CRICKETS!!! they are all in my house AND WONT LEAVE! gah! i hate them ;)
  3. Humidity. ok, who even likes this?! I personally don't enjoy my hair being a giant fluff ball ;)
  4. When the movie takes out the best part of the book
  5. Waking up at 6...

ok, now that i got that out of the way, 5 things that are amazing

  1. DISNEY! I love love looooove Disney. If I were to write about how much I love it we would all be here forever :D
  2. Friends <3 I love my friends so much! They make me laugh and make school fun :D <3
  3. books OuO books are amazing!!! they are a wonderful way to learn new stuff and go on adventures ;) anyone can find me with a book ;D
  4. Music. Its my life XD
  5. PURPLE!!!! it is my FAVORITE color ;D 


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Narnia Review

I figured since people have been looking at my Narnia post I should probably give a review on it ;). I have always loved Narnia, my teacher first read it to me in first grade and even though I was completely lost I loved it. Years later I read the books and wasn't all into it, so i decided to wait a few years. About two years later I tried again, and it was amazin! I read all about the characters and fell in love with each of them, The very last book especially ;) the ending was amazing and the fate of everyone was good, even though I predicted it. If I had to pick my favorite character it would be Lucy or Aslan for sure.

When I saw the movies I was very happy. I was loving the books and the characters and even though the backdrop wasn't very realistic I think the animators did an amazing job with the animals and characters. I enjoyed watching everyone grow up and loved seeing classic books made into movies. I totally recommend it! I also hope that one day I see more of the books made into movies :D