Wednesday, April 18, 2012

by: Joyful Hope Girl

a friend is always there for you

to laugh with you

and to cry with you

a friend dose not judge you

they accept who you are

they hang out with you

call and email you

a friend cares about you

so keep the friendships you have

here is the song in a video!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

by: Joyful Hope Girl

There is a time when all is quiet

The crickets are chirping

And the birds are going to sleep

I finely have time to think

The moon and stars are shining in my window

strange shadows are forming on the walls

night is a peaceful time

Into The Wild by: Sarah Beth Durst

         Into the wild is a book about a girl named Julie. She has a very big secret. Her mom is Rapunzel and the wild is under her bed. The wild is a magical plant that holds all of the fairy-tales in it. Except a fairy-tale is not all that good. You have to repeat a fairy-tale over and over and over. So Julie's mom and the other fairy-tale characters escape. Now it is 500 years later and Julie has a normal life (as normal of a life you can have with a fairy-tale family and a magical plant living under your bed). Now she has to worry about her things being turned into some magical object.
        Then someone makes a wish and the wild is set FREE!!! The wild captures Julie's family so she must venture into the Wild to save her family and the town. She will meet giants, princes, witches, and wizards. It is a race againts time to save her family. "Beware the Wild. It bites..."

the wild set loos
Julies mom

                                           What you should know!

  • this is a fiction adventurer book
  • there is a book after this one called Out of the Wild
  • The book takes place in Massachusetts

Clean Your Hand in 4 Simple Steps

Do you ever draw and your hand gets all dirty? Well I have a solution.

your hand

1. gather a bowl filed with water and grab a washcloth

2. fold the washcloth so it is easier to use

3. wet the tip and scrub your hand

4. do this for a while until clean

it's clean

Monday, April 16, 2012

by: Joyful Hope Girl
A dream is like a cradle
It holds you
It rocks you to sleep
A dream can be a rollercoaster
You go up and down
Up and down
Left and right
A dream mite be like a fun house
The mirrors showing different perspectives
The many choices
The tricks and elusions
A dream can be a vision
A peek into the future
Dreams are very special
Cherish them