Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cute Animal Photos


Anyone can be friends

A little bundle of joy

Good stuff

We were taking a nap
Why me?

A colorful gang
I'm scared of Lions

BOB?!? How did you get out???

         Fire monkey to the rescue!!


Oh man

All of the beds were taken

Just laying around

Back off Buster, this is my ball.

Can you see me??
I didn't do it!


I'm going undercover.


What are you looking at? 
Hello, i'm going to be late tonight.

The odd man out

Sneak attack!!!

I'm right behind you.
Wake up call!!

I'v converted to monkeying around


Forget the humans, i'm in charge

I'm stage fright
How do humans work these things

the humans did it!

pleas give me your fishes

i can do this, i can eat this poisonous plant!!!

ROFL (Rolling On the Floor Laughing)

Maybe they will let me in the mall now

I got an A+ on my crashing unit

please don't eat me you big bad cat

i have a twin!!!!!!


let me at em, LET ME AT EM!!!


Boxing match, round 1.

I'm not stealing this, i'm..... borrowing it J

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Out of the Wild : by Sarah Beth Durst

"The Wild is back. And it's still hungry..."
Julie and her friends are back in this thrilling sequel. Julie is just getting life back together when her dad is released from the wild! But this cases problems for every one. Her dad doesn't understand that he needs to stay hidden. So when this confused man tries to save princesses, he feeds the Wild and it soon grows to a takeover point. On top of that, Julie's dad takes off. So she will clime onto her fling bath mat and chase her father across the country. She will fight fire breathing dragons, find a castle in the sky, and solve the mystery of who started all of this. Go on a cross country adventurer with Julie and her friends in "Out of the Wild".

Praise for Out of the Wild Charles de Lint

"This is one of those rare occasions when the sequel is as good as the first book, if not better. Though, in my estimation, they make two halves of one story, and what a wonderfully entertaining story it is." -- Charles de Lint, author of The Blue Girl and Widdershins

Head-spinning fun! Any book that mixes fire breathing dragons and Elvis Presley is a rare treat." -- Michael Buckley, New York Times bestselling author of The Sisters Grimm

The Wild covering the world.

Fire breathing dragon

Rapunzel and her prince charming

Jack's castle in the sky