Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The world would be a better place if...

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In photoshop we were given the prompt: The World Would be a Better Place If...

I believe that the world would be a better place if we break out of the glass bubble society has trapped us in. The stereotypes of our world influence how we dress, act, think; they define our very selves. We believe that we are so perfect; that we can do nothing wrong. We act like the world revolves around ourselves and take little notice to what is around us. We see stories in the news of terrorist attacking our capitols and of children committing suicide. I see the suffering in schools and at home; I see the pain in the eyes of people around me. The new normal is this darkness, this dark abyss of suffering. I believe that we can break free from that though. I believe that the human race can show each other some kindness. I believe that the small act of kindness will help chip away the glass and that someday we will all be free of the pain. If we break free of the stereotypes, maybe we can make the world a better place. I believe that if we have the courage to free ourselves from the bubble of darkness we will see a beautiful world of kindness and joy.
The world will be a better place if we break from this glass bubble society had trapped us in.

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