Monday, November 3, 2014


Anyone else excited for NaNoWriMo? I am! My story is a fairy tail is story. I won't give any details yet but the main character is named Ella and she is sixteen years old :3

Here is a little something my friend had me do :D

What is the best way to eat steak? 
I don't, that is a food for the upper class. But when I did eat it, it was medium rare I guess.

When was the last time you cried for someone? 
When I was nine, when my parents took me away I cried, but I haven't cried since then. If I cry I will display weekness and the gang will never see me the same

Do you like your mom or dad better? Or do you not know them well?
I don't like eather of them. They only look for perfection in everything and I know they tried really hard to accept me, but I think they did exactly what they did to my brother. Anyways, I haven't seen them for about a month or two, it's not like They care. I can't live with them, I'm a zero and they are eights. I haven't lived with them since I was fourteen, there were some... Problems that occurred.

What do you treasure? 
I don't treasure anything, I have nothing. But I guess I treasure the fact that I haven't been drafted and the fact that I have friends to hang out with. Also I guess I treasure the art I do, we are making the world better :)

What do you want to accomplish this year?
I want to bring freedom, but since that isn't possible I wanna live. I don't wanna be drafted so I want to accomplish staying hidden from the government.

Would you consider yourself narcissistic?
No, I care deeply for people. I try my best to help people around me I guess, there isn't a lot to be done though

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